Freedom of mobility for loved ones:

age or illness cant not stop you…

We are driven by the passion to provide your loved ones great freedom of mobility; beit youngoroldat home, yesatotal freedom of movements. We do this by understanding your home lift needs and then come out with client specific and client centric lift. Yes just for you we make home lift.

Increase the value of your home:

having lift adds value to your home

By taking the time to get to know your requirement delivering an appropriate home lift; we can ensure the product maximizes the potential of your property.

Class product made for you:

components from worlds best manufactures

1.) Hydraulic valve – Bucher hydraulics, Germany
2.) Processor – Hedefsan, Istanbul, Turkey
3.) Pump – Settima, Italy
4.) Motor – Elmo, Italy
5.) Guide rail – Monteferro, Italy

6.) Cabin – 304 grade stainless steel
7.) MRL machine – Montanari Giuilo, Italy

Great features:

enhancing the benefits for you

1.) Technology driven by hydraulic and MRL traction
2.) No headroom, no large pit,
3.) Compact space
4.) Wheelchair enable features
5.) Quiet smooth and safe travel
6.) Inbuilt automatic rescue device
7.) Customized with ranges of finishes – SS & MS
8.) Power efficient product
9.) Led driven fault finding system