Yes designed for smooth patient flow:

designed for non-stop service to patient care

Bed lift are tailed made and designed specifically for hospital patient and visitor transportation management. Elevator plays an important role in managing smooth patient and visitor flow – non-stop. Therefore; we have a specific lifts for hospitals, with features for maximum performance in the critically demanding environment of patient transportation.

We Understand Your Need:

with great elevator industry expertise and we have it to do it

You need an efficient bed elevator one that can withstand a lot and one that functions with absolute reliability? We’ve designed bed elevator for the comfortable transportation of patients and those in need of care. For this, it is necessary that it function with absolute perfection so that people can easily enter and exit,
and arrive at their destination fast and comfortable.

Salient Features:

1.) V3f technology for energy saving and smooth riding
2.) Battery operated emergency lights
3.) Battery operated emergency alarm
4.) Anti skid pvc matt flooring
5.) Direction and position indicators
6.) Cabin roof fitted with fan and led spot lights
7.) Handrail on rear panels
8.) Floor announcer
9.) Support system for physically challenged people
10.) All dimension as per is14665-2000

Safety Features:

1.) Automatic rescue device
2.) Over speed governor
3.) Emergency alarm
4.) Emergency light
5.) Full length infrared door sensor
6.) Overload warning system
7.) Final limit switch for prevention of over travel