No matter size, capacity, finish:

can handle your specific requirements of goods lift

The best way to act with intelligence is through experience. Our goods elevators are proof of that. The qualities you need in your goods elevators are the specifications we use to design and build them. We can handle any factory, warehouse or industrial project in the most economical and efficient manner possible. The controllers used in our goods elevators are the same advanced technology controllers used in our passenger elevators.

Goods elevator is customized:

designed as per the requirement of the customer

Every product and every manufacturing process requires different materials that need to be transported vertically within the premises. Therefore; goods elevators are process specific and here comes our expertise in understanding your needs and issues and come out with goodslift with perfectsize and capacity. You need expertise at your side in designing perfect goods lift

Salient features:

1.) V3f technology for energy saving and smooth riding
2.) Battery operated emergency lights
3.) Battery operated emergency alarm
4.) Aluminium chequered plate floor
5.) Direction and position indicators
6.) Cabin roof fitted with fan and led spot lights
7.) Floor announcer
8.) All dimension as per is14665-2000

Safety features:

1.) Over speed governor
2.) Emergency alarm
3.) Emergency light
4.) Overload warning system
5.) Final limit switch for prevention of over travel